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Imps Anonymous

BPAL addicts and other related bitches

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Dedicated to reviewing and sharing BPAL products.
We're a group of people who just happen to share an addiction to perfume and soaps.

If you're going to post your reviews, please tag them with [company]: [name of line/category]. If you're here to swap, please tag with *swaps. (The mods will help you tag until you get the hang of it.) Include lab descriptions with your post too; it makes a review so much easier to understand.

Reviewers will not get their own tag until s/he has posted ten times. When reviewers reach the ten-tag mark, s/he will be able to tag with reviewer: [name].

Don't worry if the tagging thing is confusing at first. Browse around, use our custom search engine, get a feel of our comm, PM questions to the mods and, most importantly, have fun!