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Scent locket trade

Five years ago, I bought my three of swords scent locket. I wore it almost daily.
This summer, I went to a concert and wore my locket. When I got home, I packed away my locket, and then could not find it. After two months of searching, I broke down and bought another three of swords locket.
And, of course, the day the new locket arrives, is the day I find my old one.
I'm looking to swap my never worm Three Of Swords (Triple Dagger) BPAL scent locket, for any of the lockets listed below:

Queen of Hearts
White Rabbit
Carnival Diabolique
Calico Jack

My locket will come in the original black velvet bag, and ribbon that the lab provides for stringing it on
If you are interested, please contact me and we can make shipping arrangements. I can and will take photos showing proof of ownership, and will ship priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation in the US. I will ship anywhere in the world, but can only provide tracking in the US.


Pinched With Four Aces & Riding the Goat

Pinched With Four Aces

BPAL description: Colorado Maduro tobacco wrappers, cinnamon bark, coffee bean husk, and dry woods.

Sniffed: Golden oil. Rich coffee, tobacco (almost a foody tobacco note), light cinnamon. Almost-foody, very rich and deep and luscious.

Wet: Tobacco really blooms on my skin, and the dry woods come out - sandalwood and mahogony and teak. This is one of those foody-masculine scents. Almost buttery on my skin, and quite sweet - definitely some tonka. The coffee note is very light and like real coffee, not artificially flavoured stale coffee as the lab's note usually is. And the cinnamon doesn't amp like crazy on my skin!

Dry: Not a morpher, this one, although it does become more beautiful over time. The woods are dry, but not too dry, and they are deep and masculine - they cut the sweetness of the tonka and the almost-foody, super-rich tobacco. The coffee and cinnamon are very light notes on me - these are notes I can never ever wear and yet they are true on me here - no weird morphing, they just smell exactly as they should.

Summary: This is too rich, foody, and masculine for my tastes, but I absolutely understand its popularity. Tobacco, tonka and woods (with the teak really standing out on drydown) dominate with lighter touches of coffee and cinnamon. It is a very well-made, superbly blended scent with intense throw and fabulous longevity.

Riding the Goat

BPAL description: A rich Masonic incense coupled with mahogany wood, ebony, and pipe smoke.

Sniffed: Slightly soapy/powdery/cologney incense, deep dark and surprisingly sweet woods, lovely, sweet & mild pipe smoke.

Wet: More incense; even darker and spicier, though still oddly soapy-powdery in a masculine cologney way. The woods are more individually distinct; the mahogany is a bit overly heavy (much like a dark oak note, but sort of sickly sweet), but the ebony is dark and rich and smooth, like good tobacco. The pipe smoke is lighter, but still very mild and very lovely.

Dry: Sweeter and sweeter, to the point of nausea - there is definitely some tonka in this, and I'm not liking it at all. The sweet-spicy-heavy woodiness with the smoke and incense is very intense, and this has amped on me to epic proportions. Also more soapy and powdery. I almost suspect leather, as well as a type of soapy cologney floral.

Sunrise with Sea-Monsters & Gelt

SUNRISE WITH SEA-MONSTERS - Ocean mist, kelp, ambergris, amber, white pear, osmanthus, freesia, and seafoam accord.
IN THE VIAL: Reminds me quite a bit of Selkie at first sniff: fresh, golden, sweet, with a clear, wild kind of tang to it. It’s significantly sharper, though, with a salty edge from the ambergris and seafoam, presumably.
ON SKIN: Sharpens and becomes a bit headier and more powdery. Powder is maybe the freesia or ambergris? The throw is beautifully fragrant and well-blended; it’s hard to pick apart the floral and fruity notes. I recognize the salty-fresh ocean mist/seafoam notes from Lightning. I can imagine a mermaid smelling like this.
LATER: The marine notes go rather junipery (or is it the kelp?), then become dominant an hour or two later, making it into a sort of faintly floral Lightning.

SUMMARY: Heady, fresh, luxuriant, golden-white florals and pear over powdery-salty ambergris, balanced by a sting of salty marine notes and juniper-like kelp. Quite strong throw, very complex and well-blended.


GELT - A bounty of chocolate coins! Dry cocoa and golden amber!
IN THE VIAL: As in the notes. The cocoa is beautifully deep, warm, and dry, almost woodsy, with just a “sparkle” of amber. Yum.
ON SKIN: Again, as the notes say. Rich, dry, sophisticated, but not heavy. The amber is very lightly resinous, so to my nose it's like a honey/beeswax note. The effect is of light golden honey sprinkled with cocoa powder, yum. This would make a great layering note with more lush, fruity scents, like The Hanging Gardens.
LATER: No change.

SUMMARY: Crystalline, honey-like amber and dry cocoa. Delicate and sweet, but almost unisex because of its dryness. Throw is pretty light, but the wearlength is Forever.

Feeding the Dead

Feeding the Dead - A barrel of beer, a pyramid of cakes, and three sticks of incense.

Wet, out of the bottle, and on my skin, it just smelled like incense, and not a very yummy incense, either.
After two hours, it smelled like Smut and Drink me had a night of hate sex, and had a boozy, sweaty, poundcake baby. It was glorious!

Peach Moon

Peach Moon - Dew-covered peach blossom, white tea, moonlit musk, night-blooming jasmine, ho wood, and chrysanthemum.

I am an utter whore for peach, so I had to get this one. It's not a warm and buttery peach like Aglaea, but a dry, whispery peach that gets a bit of a punch from the musk.

Sadly, like most of the lunar scents that appeal to me, the throw is rather dismal. So, this one is going to be a scent locket only scent.

Maybe that's a good thing, because I don't want to get too attached to any limiteds.
"Serpentine green herbs, glistening red currant, sparkling yellow lemon rind, green musk, lime, and snakeskin."

Green, sweet, tangy and juicy. This reminds me of 51 with its greenness. However, 'Serpents' is more juicy with its citrus notes. After an hour after application, I still get the green herby-citrus-ness, but there's something akin to a floral in the blend. I think it's the currant note that's reading as floral to me.

After the initial settling of the perfume, it remains stable. The throw doesn't quit either. Color me impressed!

Wase Haile & Dia de los Muertos

Good Judy's Wase Haile 2008
"Toast soaked in honey mead, spiced pears, warm cider."

Honey and spicy pears is drydown. It's simply golden and warm. In less than an hour, the cider has joined the mix. This is one of the loveliest holiday perfumes I've ever tried. I just want to lick my arm!

BPAL's Dia de los Muertos 2009
"...dry, crackling leaves, the incense smoke of altars honoring Death and the Dead, funeral bouquets, the candies, chocolates, foods and tobacco of the ofrenda, amaranth, sweet cactus blossom and desert cereus."

Completely floral for drydown. The floral note is something like lily; maybe a carnation thrown in there. It's definitely funereal. A waxy and almost incense-y/smoky note seeps into the floral after an hour. Everything remains unchanging for its life.

I really don't think this is for me because I'm not jazzed about this at all. Off to ye olde sales.

Monkey's Paw & Androgyne

The Monkey's Paw
"Black fig, Costa Rican teak, smoky vetiver, and a touch of leather."

Smoky wood with a hint of almost-citrus (the fig?) is drydown for me. It's tangy, but not fruity. My nose is confused and delighted! I can identify the leather note, but it's not overpowering. This feels very mysterious. After four hours, a figgy vetiver has overpowered everything. It's a pleasantly unusual combination. I think I would like this more on a man, honestly.

No concrete description.

Cool and airy. Maybe a little mint? There's a herby/mossy quality. It's very green and fresh. I get something almost aquatic in the background. Androgyne stays true for six refreshing hours too. I highly recommend this to lovers of spring-like, crisp perfumes!

Perle von Mauren & Ariadne Brunnell

Perle von Mauren

BPAL description: Heliotrope, grave soil, and blood.

Sniffed: Pale yellow oil. Surprisingly sweet and soft, and sort of golden and bright - definitely a strong heliotrope note shining through. I get a bit of powder or dust, but not any actual soil or dirt. There's something soapy which I fear is Dragon's Blood.

Wet: Instantly more powdery and soapy - definitely some dragon's blood, and something else, like an amber, that's going straight to intense baby powder. Also, now there is a sort of sour or tangy note, I think that evil type of rose from the Miller's Daughter, The Empress, and Clarimonde. *shudder* An extremely effeminate blend. Not feminine, but fake-feminine, over-the-top, too-girly - and the mysterious sweetness only heightens that effect.

Dry: Such horribly strong throw of overwhelming sour, floral powder and soapy-air freshener dragon's blood. Egads. Still not a trace of actual blood or soil to be found. The has got to be some amber AND orris in here and I know what that horrible sweetness is - WISTERIA, ugh. And the orris, too. All overwhelm that initial heliotrope that was so lovely in the imp. Off to sink... and of course, it won't come off.


Ariadne Brunnell

BPAL description: Poppy flowers, peat, sphagnum moss, gardenia, and white water lily.

Sniffed: Light amber oil. Sweet, green, floral - and a tad spicy from the poppies. I definitely get the mossy notes and a touch of freshwater aquatic, and the water lily is quite sweet, almost like a nice lotus note (not the bubblegum sort). Gardenia is strongly present.

Wet: Earthier - the peat is really emerging but in a lovely way, it has sort of woody and smoky and earthy notes but all are light and grounding, not 'dirty' or too strong. The moss is quite green and I get a sappy sort of green note from somewhere, possibly the poppies, which are spicier and a touch dusty. The gardenia is the sharp sort and I fear that it will amp epically. Still sweet in an almost-fruity or juicy way.

Dry: Gardenia amping as suspected, and it's going that piercing way that gives me dreadful headaches. I'm off to the sink because gardenia headaches stick around if I don't nip them in the bud. Crazy strong throw and how much do you want to bet this won't wash off? Yeah, this would have ridiculous longevity, too.

Foraging Apparatus

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