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Sunrise with Sea-Monsters & Gelt

SUNRISE WITH SEA-MONSTERS - Ocean mist, kelp, ambergris, amber, white pear, osmanthus, freesia, and seafoam accord.
IN THE VIAL: Reminds me quite a bit of Selkie at first sniff: fresh, golden, sweet, with a clear, wild kind of tang to it. It’s significantly sharper, though, with a salty edge from the ambergris and seafoam, presumably.
ON SKIN: Sharpens and becomes a bit headier and more powdery. Powder is maybe the freesia or ambergris? The throw is beautifully fragrant and well-blended; it’s hard to pick apart the floral and fruity notes. I recognize the salty-fresh ocean mist/seafoam notes from Lightning. I can imagine a mermaid smelling like this.
LATER: The marine notes go rather junipery (or is it the kelp?), then become dominant an hour or two later, making it into a sort of faintly floral Lightning.

SUMMARY: Heady, fresh, luxuriant, golden-white florals and pear over powdery-salty ambergris, balanced by a sting of salty marine notes and juniper-like kelp. Quite strong throw, very complex and well-blended.


GELT - A bounty of chocolate coins! Dry cocoa and golden amber!
IN THE VIAL: As in the notes. The cocoa is beautifully deep, warm, and dry, almost woodsy, with just a “sparkle” of amber. Yum.
ON SKIN: Again, as the notes say. Rich, dry, sophisticated, but not heavy. The amber is very lightly resinous, so to my nose it's like a honey/beeswax note. The effect is of light golden honey sprinkled with cocoa powder, yum. This would make a great layering note with more lush, fruity scents, like The Hanging Gardens.
LATER: No change.

SUMMARY: Crystalline, honey-like amber and dry cocoa. Delicate and sweet, but almost unisex because of its dryness. Throw is pretty light, but the wearlength is Forever.

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