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Pinched With Four Aces & Riding the Goat

Pinched With Four Aces

BPAL description: Colorado Maduro tobacco wrappers, cinnamon bark, coffee bean husk, and dry woods.

Sniffed: Golden oil. Rich coffee, tobacco (almost a foody tobacco note), light cinnamon. Almost-foody, very rich and deep and luscious.

Wet: Tobacco really blooms on my skin, and the dry woods come out - sandalwood and mahogony and teak. This is one of those foody-masculine scents. Almost buttery on my skin, and quite sweet - definitely some tonka. The coffee note is very light and like real coffee, not artificially flavoured stale coffee as the lab's note usually is. And the cinnamon doesn't amp like crazy on my skin!

Dry: Not a morpher, this one, although it does become more beautiful over time. The woods are dry, but not too dry, and they are deep and masculine - they cut the sweetness of the tonka and the almost-foody, super-rich tobacco. The coffee and cinnamon are very light notes on me - these are notes I can never ever wear and yet they are true on me here - no weird morphing, they just smell exactly as they should.

Summary: This is too rich, foody, and masculine for my tastes, but I absolutely understand its popularity. Tobacco, tonka and woods (with the teak really standing out on drydown) dominate with lighter touches of coffee and cinnamon. It is a very well-made, superbly blended scent with intense throw and fabulous longevity.

Riding the Goat

BPAL description: A rich Masonic incense coupled with mahogany wood, ebony, and pipe smoke.

Sniffed: Slightly soapy/powdery/cologney incense, deep dark and surprisingly sweet woods, lovely, sweet & mild pipe smoke.

Wet: More incense; even darker and spicier, though still oddly soapy-powdery in a masculine cologney way. The woods are more individually distinct; the mahogany is a bit overly heavy (much like a dark oak note, but sort of sickly sweet), but the ebony is dark and rich and smooth, like good tobacco. The pipe smoke is lighter, but still very mild and very lovely.

Dry: Sweeter and sweeter, to the point of nausea - there is definitely some tonka in this, and I'm not liking it at all. The sweet-spicy-heavy woodiness with the smoke and incense is very intense, and this has amped on me to epic proportions. Also more soapy and powdery. I almost suspect leather, as well as a type of soapy cologney floral.

Foraging Apparatus

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