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Scent locket trade

Five years ago, I bought my three of swords scent locket. I wore it almost daily.
This summer, I went to a concert and wore my locket. When I got home, I packed away my locket, and then could not find it. After two months of searching, I broke down and bought another three of swords locket.
And, of course, the day the new locket arrives, is the day I find my old one.
I'm looking to swap my never worm Three Of Swords (Triple Dagger) BPAL scent locket, for any of the lockets listed below:

Queen of Hearts
White Rabbit
Carnival Diabolique
Calico Jack

My locket will come in the original black velvet bag, and ribbon that the lab provides for stringing it on
If you are interested, please contact me and we can make shipping arrangements. I can and will take photos showing proof of ownership, and will ship priority mail with insurance and delivery confirmation in the US. I will ship anywhere in the world, but can only provide tracking in the US.


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